Falls have become a leading cause of death, especially amongst seniors.  Falls are also a leading cause of nonfatal injuries in all age groups, not just seniors.  Risk of fall is clinically measurable, and it is detectable long before you physically realize that there is a problem.  So, if you perceive that your balance is bad, the problem has already become severe.  The inability to perform the once normal activities of daily living, like walking, and simply moving about without a fear of falling is terrifying.  To make this worse, often those with risk of fall progress to the use of a cane, then to a walker, and ultimately to a wheelchair as the problem progresses.  At this point, dementia/Alzheimer’s is the most likely endpoint.  But it doesn’t have to go this way.  This is why we have created our new “4 Weeks To Good Balance Program” This program requires little or no money out of your pocket.  You will be accurately assessed for risk of fall before, during and after the program to demonstrate the improvement you have made.  We will also send this information to your primary doctor for you so that they may be kept abreast of your improvements, and also to demonstrate that you have been properly assessed for risk of fall as per current medical practice guidelines.  “There are no other programs like this one around” is what we are hearing from patients whom we have already had the opportunity to help, which has been life transforming when they find that their balance is dramatically improved, some in less than four weeks.  “I am so happy to have my life back” & “After only 4 appointments, the change is remarkable”, are common comments from our guest book on our website at www.dcneuro.net.  Life is too short to talk about the things you “used to be able to do” before you lost your balance, or worse still, “before you took your fall”.  For more information on getting started call our office at (732) 229-5250.