Quoted from Laurence J. Peter, US educator & writer (1919 – 1988), one must wonder if he somehow anticipated our current healthcare system.  We are living in an age where it is deemed ok to suggest prescription drugs on TV which can cure all of your woes, despite all of those nasty side effects, which don’t appear to be really significant anyway as the girl on TV is throwing rose petals during the part about the side affects.  In light of this “better living through chemistry” attitude, we have never been more unhealthy as a country.  Type II diabetes, solely a result of poor diet and lack of exercise, is now the norm.  It will be endemic with the next generation of adults, many of who suffer with the affliction now as adolescents.  Many of these same children who already suffer with ADD and other behavioral disorders attributable to a poor diet and lack of exercise, will be given drugs to quiet them down rather than treat the underlying problems.  In my office, I see many, many adult patients, who come to see me for dizziness and imbalance, and on examination I find that they have been prescribed vestibular suppressant drugs, known to have no beneficial effect on balance or dizziness, and in fact, known to cause dizziness, lethargy, and imbalance.  It seems that drugs have become the illogical alternative to taking care of ones self and that the latter has been ironically labeled “alternative therapy”.  Exactly when did this happen, and more importantly, how has this happened?   Well, there is no question that by and large our culture is much more sedentary than any of our ancestors.  And the TV, with its ability to brainwash anyone who sits before it that what you see must be true, after all, it’s on TV, right?  At some point, logic must prevail if we are to avoid the many traps set to rob us of our health.  And this logic must be from within ourselves.  Individuals must learn to scrutinize decisions made regarding their health management, (which has never been easier since the Internet), and stand up to those that do not pass the common sense test.