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Dr. Scopelliti is a Functional Neurologist in Monmouth County NJ.

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  1. Dr. Scopelliti will always hold a special place in our lives. He helped my husband with an extreme case of Vertigo a few years ago. He was available to us all hours of day and night and went above and beyond to make sure my husband was ok. His patience and wonderful care saw us through a very difficult time. I always recommend him to anyone I know suffering from Vertigo and we still correspond to this day. We will be forever grateful : )

  2. Gloria J FowlerMarch 20, 2013 @ 7:59 amReply

    I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful chiropractor as Doctor Scopelliti and his entire caring staff end my problem of vertigo. Once I had this condition and it did not go away, I felt there was no way out. I reluctantly made an appointment and to my surprise, he made all symptoms go away in just a very short time. If vertigo ever returned, you know where I’ll be!
    Thanks again,
    Gloria J Fowler

  3. Truly, Dr. Scopelliti is my hero. When other doctors had no answers and I had no where to turn for help, Dr. S. promised he would not abandon me. He kept his word. He researched, studied and came up with a new approach and treatment plan for my health problems on his own valuable time. Between office visits, he kept in touch with me via email, to see if the plan was working. What doctor does that? (Only Dr. S.) Bottom line, the treatment plan is working and now I am left with the hard task of thanking this kind and giving man. How do you thank someone for restoring your hope when you were hopeless and offering reassurance when you were in despair? There will never be the words to express my gratitude fully, but, thank you so much Dr. Scopelliti, for the return of my health and for your never ending compassion.

  4. Josephine SimmonsSeptember 10, 2012 @ 12:27 pmReply

    Because I was having so many falls due to the fact that I had trouble maintaining my balance while walking and doing every day activities, my primary doctor told me she was sending me to a neurologist… Dr. Scopelliti. After testing to find the cause of my balance problems the doctor mapped out a plan which I had to practice every day. I am happy to report that I have not had a fall since I’ve been in this program. I believe this progress occurred because of the patience and guidance that Dr. Scopelliti gave to me. On top of all of this his staff was wonderful also. The doctors assistant, Janet, played a very important part also. She kept my endurance up by praising each time I did an exercise. When I made a mistake, she would smile and pleasantly correct me. Every one was wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Scopelliti and his staff to anyone needing help with balance. I thank them all for their great help which ended in my success with balance. Many thanks to Dr. Scopelliti and his staff for their great help. You will never be forgotten.

    Josephine Simmons

  5. Man oh man. 16 years straight of disequilibrium, balance and vertigo problems and neck and back troubles added on for the last eight years. 65 Doctors and medical specialists. This problem has cost me nearly everything of meaning in my life. Of all the doctors I have seen NONE have been more caring, intuitive, really listening, and helpful than Dr. Scopelliti. I have been hammered by not only the problem and it’s effects but some VERY rude and cold medical professionals. Dr Scope restores my faith not only in the medical world but in people.

    It’s only been a few days but for the first time in years I feel I’m not alone and there’s some hope for me to regain part of my life back.

    I can’ even begin so One word – “Blessing”
    Glad I found him again…


  6. Kevin JacobsMay 23, 2012 @ 2:02 pmReply

    I have had migraine headaches since I was a teenager that have gotten progressively worse over the years. Before I came to Dr. Scopelliti, I was having at least 2 sever migraines per week and sometimes more. After seeing Dr. Scopelliti over the course of a very short time, the migraines have subsided and when they do come, they are much less sever. I will continue to do the prescribed rehabilitation and look forward to the day when I can’t remember when my last migraine was. This has really improved my quality of life and has been a huge gift. Thanks for your help Dr. S. I really feel like of all the professionals I’ve seen, you are the best on many levels. It is clear to me from our interaction in person and via e-mail that you genuinely care and go the extra distance to help and I really really appreciate that. Unfortunately, again from my perspective, you seem to be the exception (and exceptional) of the medical practitioners. I am so grateful to have found you and look forward to continuing to see you as long as necessary. Whenever I get the chance, I will recommend you highly.

  7. Last September I went to Dr. S. I had no where else to go. Did not know where to go. I had spent 4 days spinning, sitting in a corner with vertigo. Went to my ENT and was told to take more tests that I had just recently taken. Forgot to say, I spent 4 days in the hospital after the 4 days of spinning. Nobody knew what to do. I went to Dr. S and was given a very complete exam. He diagnosed (at least I had a diagnosis) me as having vesticular neuronitis. He game me a balance test and my balance was at 40%. He recommended a series of exercises. I was sceptical to say the least but at that point I would try anything. I will cut to the chase and say, it helped me immensely. After a few months, my balance is 74%. At this point there is really not much more Dr. S can do for me. I continue to do the exercises and hope that someday I will be ALL better. Maybe not, but I can now do the things that matter to me, a little slower, a little shakier, but I can do them. That is what matters. I no longer have to be afraid to try things. I can play golf, shop, watch my grandchildren. If it were not for Dr. S. I would be sitting in my home afraid to move.
    Dr. S. is caring, he listens and he hears. He is wonderful. If something is the matter with you do not hesitate to see Dr. S.
    I thank him everyday.

  8. Hi My name is Debra. I have been corresponding to Dr Scopelliti over the internet for about two weeks. He gave some exercises to do at home for dizziness and wow, what a difference they have made to me and my daily life. I was beginning to feel very depressed & anxious but now I have more confidence & feel a lot better. I will continue to do the exercises with much enthusiasm knowing that are helping me to get back to normal. It may take time but its worth every minute I spend on the exercises. Many many sincere thanks Dr Scopelliti for taking the time to help me.

  9. Hello , Dr Scopelliti My name is Debra & I live in NSW Australia. On Saturday I nearly passed out , had dizziness, weakness in the legs & arms, brathlessness, slight chest pain & headache. I ended up in hospital early Monday morning having ECG, bloods Ct scan of brain. all of which were clear & I didnt have a TIA or stroke which they were testing me for. I also have a PFO & small leak. I have been experiencing these symptoms now on & off for over 12 months. & are slowly getting worse. They have sent me home & I am still feeling weak in the legs & body, still light headed. & unsteady on my feet. I have an 8 yo daughter to look after & dont know how I am going to cope as I am on my own. Please help me .I need help desperately. I look forward to your reply. Kindest Regards Debra

  10. I have been a patient of Dr. Scopelliti since 2009. I have an arthritic neck and was getting chiropractic adjustments for 20 years prior to seeing Dr. S. Dr. was adjusting my neck each month to relieve the pain. I started doing stretching exercizes, focusing on the neck and back. Eventually I felt good enough to start lifting weights. This year my visits reflect my relief. After my June 2011 adjustment I did not need an adjustment until August. It’s now November 7 2011, and I have not had an adjustment for 3 months. Thanks, Doc!

  11. This all began May 6, 2010 I had a stapendectomy to my right ear. I went in that morning and came out 5- 6 hours later… Once, arrived home from Univ. of Penn.. (1hr 1/2 drive.. laying flat in car, eyes covered).. I knew it was different from the first surgery to my left ear the year prior.

    From the minute I left the car, I could not function properly. I made it to the couch, and laid there spinning. Ok, this was a side affect; I kept telling my self. I noticed my head only wanted to sit to the right side and lean back. It would not stay straight up on my shoulders. I was extremely dizzy. I could not eat. I couldn’t remember words if I was saying a sentence. This went on for several days. My husband grew concern and called the Doctor. He asked to see me. We drove back the next morning. Again, could not sit up in car. Had to lay flat with head covered. Could not see light nor any movement. Very ill. He gave me Medrol pack and drove home.. He claims it will get better. Well this went on all of May. Come the end of month.. I wanted help. I still could not walk properly; my family and neighbors were having to take care of me. My head was still leaning to the right..toward the back. He (Dr.) decides to send me for vestibular therapy Univ Penn.. That day, May 28th he has me see her. I begin to try her therapy. I go home again.. keep in mind, its almost four weeks.. post surgery… I go back June 2 , I have to look in my notes but I think this was the time I stepped out of the car with assistance to go into Univ. of Penn .. and my head began to tremor. Now, not only was I dizzy, having over sensory issues, my head tilted to right side and now my head is shaking in a no position. This went on and finally they stopped the therapy… right leg twitched, shoulder… uncontrolled.. so the Dr. Sends me to Neurologist.. .. Drexel Hill, PA. He thinks I have chorea, has me fill out papers for tetrbenazine…. KEEP in mind, I could not drive. Every doctor visit at this time was escorted by one or more people. He then sends me to Parkinson movement Dr. at Penn Med.
    before, I reached her, the surgeon told me he feels it is ANXIETY. At this time it is well into June/July.. I still can’t drive. I can’t go into any store, because the turning of my head creates such problems I need to leave. Head shakes, have to hold on to cart (only tried once)… all Dr.’s kept telling me walk, do puzzles, it will come around.. so when I went to see Parkinson Dr. she insisted it was my body creating this movement. My head is leaning.. I walk lopsided, my head is shaking… I went in for a hearing operation and came out different. So they told me, for me to get better, I needed to accept that it was anxiety and then I will be able to heal.. at first I would not agree.. then after several days, I said fine what do I need to do.. they sent me to psychologist. Well, after time and time again seeing all three of these doctors, from May thru Sept… I went into the Parkinson Dr… again, with people who new some about medical.. and had to argue with them , that there is something wrong with me. She finally brought in her elder doctor and she did test with some red and white stripe flag… Upon leaving that day, the lady said to me (the elder) she will send me for an ENG. They wanted me to go to the Doc there at Penn. My friends, who are in medical field so no go somewhere totally different… had test of ENG at JFK in Edison NJ and came out abnormal I went to JFK hospital in Edison to a great Dr. He felt like something must have happened during the surgery. This was now October 2010. Six months…later! I just cried, because someone believed me. He said go for vestibular therapy. So I came home and looked for people somewhere north of where I lived. I came a crossed https://www.dcneuro.net/ Dr. Scopelitti. I have been seeing him since. I had been out of work from May until Feb 1, 2011 and now I am working four days a week.. one day at Doctors. I was beginning to think this would never go away.. until about three weeks ago, when my head was in a fit, at work.. keep in mind all these months I was : still walking off gait, some what loss of balance still, head tilted to right, vision still an issue with over processing, forgetful, bad coordination, light sensitive; (he had me wearing red glasses to help the light control) so my head was in a fit and he was doing the vestibular therapy with me, and he pulled up my head, and pushed down on my brainstem or some area underneath the right side of my neck, and immediately… like a flash my head snapped up and stopped moving. My shoulders were in the normal spot. Me earrings could be seen. I said, OMG what ever you did my head is still… he said I see that.. I said.. what ever you did my pain stopped in my neck, .. (Dystonia like symptom)..
    I could not believe it! So this went on for three days… then I had one set back.. and as of today.. I am on my SIXTH DAY of no head shaking. I am not able to lift anything, exercise, walk and talk at the same time. I am doing these specific exercises.. and they are helping. I don’t know what I had/ have or will be living with in future year.. but I hope it never comes back. This is a short version of the last 11 months..


  12. I just wanted to leave a comment about Dr S. I have had dizziness for over 13 years now and things got so bad I didn’t know what to do and found Dr S on the internet and have been feeling a big difference in the way I feel due to the treatments received from this office. I recommend anyone feeling dizzy to contact the office. thanks!

  13. While lying in bed I could not turn my head to the right to play with my pup or to speak to a person on that side of my body. I felt dizzy every time I tried to get out of bed.
    My GP prescribed an MRI. It showed I needed a follow-up contrats MRI which showed a very minimal problem. I was prescribed Meclizine. I took it twice and could not stand the drowsy side effects.
    When I went to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned I was so dizzy, as the dental tech worked with my head tilted to the right. I mentioned this to my dental assistant and she brought my dentist in to see me. He immediately suggested I go to see Dr Scopelliti!! He too had dizziness problems and had just been a patient of Dr “S” and highly recommended him to me. THANK GOD HE DID!!
    He immediately diagnosed my problem and began treatment to reorganize my misplaced crystals in my ear. Within three visits my dizziness was exonerated!
    All this expertise AND a phenomenal bedside manner to boot!

  14. This patient video is of a 27 year old female suffering with myoclonus dystonia. The first half of the video is from her initial examination with me. She was apparently told by another alleged expert in movement disorders that her condition was in her head and to see a psychiatrist. The second half of the video demonstrates a marked reduction of myoclonic dystonic tremor of better than 80% after only two weeks and five treatments with me. We have seen many similar miraculous recoveries from this dreadful disorder, dystonia. As many of our patients are from out of state, we oftentimes do not have the opportunity to take “after” videos demonstrating the patients recovery. In this case, this patient lives in NJ so we were able to get “after” videos which the patient was kind enough to allow us to share on our website.

  15. Craig R., D.D.S.October 13, 2010 @ 9:15 amReply

    My story is similar to many others. I have never had an issue with dizziness, and last year it just hit me out of nowhere. It was bad for a few days, but then never really went away. I went through all of the medical tests with all of the specialists, but everything came back negative, so I was given some Meclizine and told I have vertigo, and just take the medicine when it was bothering me. I was lucky to find Dr. Scopelliti, because he understands the problem, and he has a plan, and treatment to eliminate it. Not one of the medical specialists that I visited tried anything to help the issue. It seems like in the medical community, if you have vertigo, there is no treatment available, and you are just supposed to live with it. He was excellent, and I am fine now. Whenever I meet anyone suffering with dizziness, I refer them to Dr. Scopelliti. He, and his office staff are great, and seem to really care about helping their patients.

  16. This spring, I experienced my first episode of vertigo. Several months later, I experienced another episode that completely took from me my sense of balance as I knew it. Repeated visits to my general practitioner, an immunology/sinus specialist, an ENT, and an audiologist offered me no relief and instead seemed to exacerbate my symptoms. When my ENT recommended that I start to take Valium three times a day, I knew that I needed to find someone who specialized in the treatment of vertigo. After finding Dr. Scopelliti on the internet, I immediately reached out to make an appointment even though it was a little over an hour from my house. I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth that I was shown from Debbie (office manager) as she worked to find an appointment for me the very next day.

    Following my initial visit, Dr. Scopelliti conducted a comprehensive series of in-office tests where he discovered that I not only had Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) but that I also had Vestibular Neuronitis in my right anterior canal. Vestibular Neuronitis is a disorder whereby the nerve in your inner ear becomes inflamed (most likely the result of a recent ear infection) and begins to send messages to your brain that negatively impair your sense of balance. That same day, Dr. Scopelliti performed a BPPV Canalith Repositioning Maneuver in his office and started me on a series of eye exercises to address the Vestibular Neuronitis and the BPPV.

    Over the course of my treatment from Dr. Scopelliti, I have shown marked improvement in my symptoms and have had no recurrence of vertigo. Words can not even begin to convey my deep appreciation for Dr. Scopellitti’s wisdom, availability, and care. I absolutely feel like he has been a Godsent during this very scary and frustrating period in my life.

  17. Anastasia (Tasi) PappaylionAugust 31, 2010 @ 10:23 amReply

    I am 66 years old and have suffered with vertigo off and on since my twenties. I was referred to ear nose and throat specialist and had at least three MRIs over the years. I received the same diagnosis from all the specialists “I really don’t know what is causing your vertigo.” “It’s possibly an inner ear disorder.” They labeled it “benign vertigo,” and gave me medication, which didn’t work. I had to ride it out for months.
    When I was referred to Dr. Scopelliti through my GP, I decided, lets give it a try.
    I cannot sing his praises enough. Just after a few treatments my dizziness subsided and after three weeks, the dizziness and balance problem I had, were gone. I highly recommend his inovative treatment that thankfully goes beyiond medication. It really works!!!!! Thank you Dr. Scopelliti!!!!!!

  18. I have recently gone to one of the most reputable hospitals on the east cost for a review of my balance challenge. They have a special Nueroscience department there with many sub specialties. One of them is vestibular disorders. The doctors and staff aregreat and very patient centered. After some testing, data gathering and question and answer period the result and fllow-through was I have a true inner ear balance issue. Unknown as to how it truly began.
    The follow-through for me was to stick with and maintain my program with Dr. Scopeletti since his therapy and intervention is working and I am getting better. The expert’s at the Institute could not suggest aything else. They were extremely pleased with my progress in such a short period of time thanks to Dr. S.
    So here is the leading Center for vestibular and neurology disorders noting that I should continue with Dr. Scopeletti who was totally on target with every diagnosis, test, prognosis, and follow-up intervention. I sense that tells us a lot about Dr. S’s skills, knowledge ad abilities. I am surely on my way to recovery and have to thank Dr. S. for it all.
    When the leading minds in the contry say the same how can we dispute it?

  19. After years of being on the go and being at the top of organizations, never stopping, always working I was thrown for a loop with balance issues. Suddenly I felt like I was falling forward or could not walk correctly. Doctor after doctor, test after test, frustration after frustration. Not an inner ear problem they say. not neurological one they say. So what was or is it? No one could tell me definitively except that it is always not something I would suggest. It’s in your head I hear more often than not. No one could suggest much of anything though.
    So I decided to go to Dr. Scopeletti. Because of the balance issue I also acquired some other nasty challenges like panic attacks and some bad allergies. it was refreshing to have someone though who would spend the time with you, look you in the eyes, smile, be sincere, and answer all your questions from knowledge and experience. Am I fully recovered? No not yet but after just a few weeks I can now walk in the Malls, through a parking lot, in grocery stores, department stores, around town, etc. My heartbeat has decreased and blood pressure has lowered tremendoulsy. I now once again have faith in myself and the treatments I am getting. It’s not easy work but if you put your mind to it progress can be and is made….it was on my end. I plan to continue with Dr. S until I am close to fully recovered and even then I will set myself up on a maintenance schedule of visits. All I can say is, I might still be a bit frustrated but the result thus far have been truly amazing. Amazing how when you least expect it you find success practically in front of your nose. Thanks and I hope to write again when I am even further ahead which I sense is just around the corner.


  20. thelma lyonsJune 22, 2010 @ 7:47 amReply

    i have been dizzy for 6 years. i found dr scopelliti on th internet. he is thorough and kind. after a few weeks of theraphy and doing my exercisis at home i feel i have my balance back. everyone at his olffice are great. thank you dr. scopelliti.

  21. Bonnie DeysherJune 18, 2010 @ 6:53 pmReply

    After months of dizziness, imbalance, headaches, nausea and a sudden onset of tremors in our 15 year old son, we, his parents, were becoming increasingly worried and frustrated. We had taken our son to see his pediatrician, an ENT, a neurologist, a neuromuscular physician, a chiropractor, and a psychologist–but, nobody could give us any clear answers or a plan of treatment. The ENT doctor told us the problems were neurological and he needed a neurologist, and the neurologist told us his problem was vestibular and he needed an ENT specialist. When his MRI came back normal, we were then told his symptoms could be stress related. Many doctors asked him if his tremors were on purpose. However, since he has a long history of ear infections, middle ear fluid, and a perforated eardrum, the ENT doctor put in another set of ear tubes and sent him for physical therapy. During physical therapy, his symptoms rapidly worsened. The exercises made him more dizzy and nauseous and the tremors suddenly started. Things got so bad, the physical therapists discharged him and told us simply “this is not normal, and we cannot help him”.
    With nowhere to turn, my husband and I would spend hours online googling for answers. Luckily, we came upon Dr. Scopelliti’s website and made an appointment. The four hour drive was well worth it! In that first visit, Dr. Scopelliti spent more time going over our son’s medical history, asking questions, and testing than all the previous doctors combined. He is the most thorough and dedicated doctor we have ever met. After we left the appointment, he even sent an e-mail expressing his confidence that he could help our son. Realizing there was a plan of action and a confident, extraordinary doctor in charge, allowed us to have a peaceful nights sleep for the first time in months.
    Once home, we immediately started doing the exercises Dr. Scopelliti prescribed and the results were quick and astounding. At our next appointment 3 weeks later, it was discovered that our son had improved by 80% in balance! He has progressed so much, Dr. Scopelliti thinks he will be back on the basketball court next season. Our son is also an accomplished piano player who just the other night played in a concert beautifully as he always does. The difference is, this is the first time in months he has done so without even a headache. No drugs or invasive tests needed-just a caring, alert, brilliant doctor who takes the time to look at the whole patient.
    Nothing is more precious to a parent than their child. We see in our kids all the memories of the past and the hope of the future. So, how could any words possibly express how grateful we are to Dr. Scopelliti and his team? There is simply none. Just “thank you”. If anybody reading this knows someone or they themselves are suffering from similar symptoms, they need to go see Dr. Scopelliti!

  22. Raghu KumarMay 12, 2010 @ 7:10 amReply

    I am really thankful to Dr. Scopelliti and his team. I live in dubai and have been suffereing from imbalance since two years. I approached several doctors: ENT, genral practitioner, neurologist, opthamologist and orthopedic. I have been undergone for types of tests: MRI, EEG, ENG and blood tests. All of them told me that I have to live with it all thru of my life. I was very disappointed and depressed. I have been living like dead man. Through Internet search, I am able to contact his team and advises. I am now very confidant, my imbalance would be cured soon. I now have ray of hope.

  23. I have had dizziness since the first grade. I had never known what caused it until about a year ago. For all the people out there that don’t know about Vestibular Migraines, they can be very debilitating. I missed my school band concert because of them and I remember crying my eyes out because I hated being controlled like this. I can recall going to an ENT and many other doctors that didn’t know what it was so they just told me that it was in my head. When I found out what this dizziness was from, I was so happy I couldn’t talk. After medication failed, my parents sought out any doctor that could help me which is how she found Doctor Scopelliti. When the spells happened, I sometimes couldn’t get out of my bed. I ended up missing the whole day of school and even more. Sometimes the dizziness spells would keep me out of school for two to three days. I love Martial Arts and hated every day that the dizziness spells prevented me from doing the things I love most in my life. Dr. Scopelliti’s treatments have prevented my dizziness spells from taking full control of my body. The only thing that sets the spells off is lots of chocolate so that’s what I have to avoid, but other than that I am able to go school and do the activities I enjoy doing. I would recommend that other people, even if they don’t live that close, go to Dr. Scopelliti so you can be freed of the suffering. It may take a while for you to completely overcome the dizziness, but this treatment works for me and may work for all you other people out there that are experiencing my pain. Also, for all you kids that like being excused from school because of this curse, don’t because it is not worth it. It will take a toll on you for the rest of your life until you finally decide to say “hey, I don’t like what this is doing to me and decide to act. I consider Dr. Scopelliti my miracle worker because the spells now are more like 2’s. 3’s, and 4’s, instead of 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s. I can only say this, if you are experiencing symptoms like mine, the dizziness may take a toll on your entire life. Dr. Scopelliti, I thank you for all your work in diminishing the episodes to a small amount and I really keep hoping that all the work will pay off, no I know it will pay off in the end.

  24. June EllsweigMarch 19, 2010 @ 1:17 pmReply

    For any parent who has a child with dizziness and or headaches, please consider taking your child to Dr. Scopelliti. He has worked miracles with my son who is now 14 yrs. old. My son has had a problem with dizziness since he was 7 yrs. old. Sometimes the dizziness would last a few hours and sometimes the dizziness would last a few days. There was no real pattern. Over the years we took our son to neurologists, ENTs’, neurotologists, vestibular physical therapists, etc… and for the most part we were told to take our son to a psychologist. The first neurotologist had ran tests on him and “saw” something with his eyes and we were told to take him to a vestibular therapist. The vestibular therapist said that he did not have BPV and also said that maybe it is just stress, etc… A year ago we found another neurotologist who after spending a lot of time with our son diagnosed him with vestibular migraines. We were told that you cannot treat vestibular migraines with vestibular therapy and that the only way was to give him medicine. The medicine made him a little tired but worse than that he was still getting dizzy! Every few months when another attack came on I would call the doctor and he would have me increase the dose. In December 2009 my son was home for 5 days straight because he was dizzy. He couldn’t do anything. So I got on the computer and after days of research, I found Dr. Scopelliti’s website. I was so excited and nervous. I very nervous because I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to help my son. My husband warned me not to get my hopes up. We went to Dr. Scopelliti in December. The last attack my son had was in the beginning of February which only lasted for 20 minutes. He woke up dizzy but after 20 minutes he was able to take a shower and go to school!! He is also off of the medicine! Dr. Scopelliti’s is one of the most caring and genuine doctors I have ever met. He is our miracle worker.

    Dr. Scopelliti, there are not enough words to express our gratitude. We are so lucky to have found you. Thank you for taking care of our son.


  25. Mary MarkowskyJanuary 1, 2010 @ 7:10 pmReply

    As I reflect on this New Year’s Day 2010 on the past two years, I want to thank Dr. Scopelliti for giving me back my life. Two years ago this month I was blessed to locate Dr. Scopelliti on the internet. Doctors had told me that I just had to accept that I would be living in a corner of my sofa unable to move for the rest of my life. One month after beginning treatment with Dr. Scopelliti I went from my world being the corner of the sofa to traveling to Cancun for a conference. Four months later, I was dancing on the stage at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas with Elton John. Five months later, I realized life-long dream of standing on Corcovado Mountain with the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio looking down on the city below. Eight months prior I was told by doctors that my world would consist of the corner of the sofa. Dr. Scopelliti opened it for me beyond what I thought could ever be possible again. I also am grateful for being able to walk again without assistance and for be able to do the things such as moving your head without fear that we normally take for granted. For this alone, I would have been grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Scopelliti to anyone who reads my comments and has experienced their world shrinking to the corner of their sofa. Make an appointment and follow Dr. Scopelliti’s treatment to get your life back. He truly and sincerely cares about you.

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    Buon Natale 2009!

  27. Hello All,

    I just wanted to tell you about the fabulous result I have had while being treated by Dr. Scopelliti for my vertigo! After recently being diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, BPPV, I was fortunate enough to find him while searching the Internet for help and information. My first experience with BPPV was approximately 3 weeks ago. I went to bed and after my head hit the pillow, I felt such an intense episode of dizziness that I was afraid it might be a stroke. It felt like a short circuit of some kind in my brain, and it scared the heck out of me! A few minutes later, I tried to get up and walk across the room. I was barely able to keep my balance and by the time I got back to the bed, I had to grab onto the mattress to avoid hitting the floor. I then had to steady myself for a minute before lying down again, at which time that horrible wave of dizziness returned. In the morning, I got up slowly and felt very unsteady and nauseous all day, not to mention stressed to the max! I immediately went to see my Primary doctor who told me it was probably BPPV. He sent me for an MRI of the brain (my request) and to an ENT who confirmed the diagnosis. So, the good news was that it was a benign condition, but the bad news was that neither doctor could tell me how to get rid of it, except for slight relief from a drug that only masks the symptoms and makes you feel tired all day!!! I spent the next week sleeping in a chair because I was afraid to lie down, and searching for answers online!! Then, while researching vertigo, I was blessed to find Dr. Scopelliti’s website and now my BPPV is a thing of the past!! To say that I am happy with my outcome would be a gross understatement!

    If you are suffering with this, please don’t wait! After only 2 treatments, my BPPV was totally reversed!! My first treatment was on a Monday, and by Wednesday night I was comfortably sleeping in my bed again, drug free!! I would never have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me!! Plus, he taught me easy exercises that will help with the mild motion sickness I have experienced since childhood (different than BPPV), and will enable me to maintain optimum balance as I grow older.

    Please do yourself a favor and see Dr. Scopelliti ASAP! The sooner, the better. The man is AMAZING and his staff is the BEST!! Wherever you are, he’s worth the trip!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Scopelliti!!

    Linda Wiedecker

    Linden, NJ

  28. Happy Halloween to you too.

    I continue along as before—–still think you were the best of the professionals I consulted. Most knowledgeable, most helpful, most compassionate. Why more isn’t known about this condition remains a puzzle.

    Doris Huebner

  29. In February, 2009, I was diagnosed with Vertigo. When seen by a neurologist in the Emergency Room, I was told that people with Vertigo learn to “live with it”, and I was prescribed Meclizine (Antivert). This was very upsetting to me, especially since during my first experience with Vertigo, I had lost me balance and fell in my classroom in front of a room full of students.

    A colleague and friend of mine recommended that I see Dr. Scopelliti, but since I was told there was no cure, I was apprehensive and decided not to make an appointment at that time. As time went on, I began to realize how Vertigo was significantly affecting my life. In July, after 6 months of daily dizziness and inbalance, I decided to give Dr. Scopelliti a call.

    I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I made that decision and how much that phone call changed my life in a positive way.

    After 3 visits, I was cured!! It was nothing short of a miracle! Dr. S. and his staff are wonderful and truly dedicated to all their patients.

    Dr. Scopelliti is the most professional, caring and thorough doctor I have ever seen, and I will forever be grateful to him for giving me my life back!

    If you have Vertigo…You don’t have to learn to live with it. Don’t waste another day of your life thinking that!

    Dawn White

  30. September 09
    (Hand written thank you card)
    Dear Dr. Scopelliti,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for curing my vertigo. I’m so happy that I made the decision to see you. In many ways, you gave me my life back!

    Thank you!


    Dawn White

  31. you may receive this twice doc, i didnt know if it went thru on the guestbook

    Dear Doc,

    I am sitting here reading your last email to me about my condition….yes thats right folks an email from my doctor!!

    Thank you so much Doctor S. for caring about my condition. Caring enough to send several follow up emails when I was having a problem.

    After about six specialists, countless misdiagnosis, tears and frustration I finally found you and thank God I did.

    After only 1 visit I felt better and now after several more I know i am well on my way to being “normal” again. I know with your guidance and treatments I will again feel myself. Your knowledge is amazing , how you understand how i actually feel. NO other Doctor has been so understanding. My family has seen a huge difference in me, and I have FELT the difference.

    I know im not quite there but have no doubt I will be completely fine. I see a light at the end of a long dizzy unbalanced tunnel.

    ANyone who is at the end of their rope, frustrated and so tired ….hope is not far away.

    So Thank You again to you and Deb and Janet. Every time I walk in the door of your office I feel welcomed and relaxed. Deb is a true best friend and Janet was so supportive and compasssionate when I called the first day in tears.

    Hope is not far alway to those of you living in “dizzy” world.

    With sincere gratitude,


  32. Dr. Scopelliti

    I apologize for sending this so late after being seen in your office from March-April 2009.

    I wanted to Thank You for helping me eliminate my migraines. In the past several months since I was discharged from your care, I have had only one migraine. You have helped me to realize that when you have a medical problem, you need to seek out someone who will treat you and listen to your symptoms.

    When I came to see you in March, I was having headaches everyday.

    I hope you are enjoying your summer.

    With much thanks, and gratitude.

    Donna Rogers

  33. Hello Dr. Scopelliti,

    This is James Luciano. I wanted to tell you and thank you for the work you have done already; I find myself now doing math out of nowhere, which I have never been able to do, including formulas and equations. This is an educated household and I’m finally able to at least keep up during dinner conversations. Your treatment has also helped my PTSD. When I feel that crazy feeling coming on now I have a much greater ability to reason out and analyze where the feelings are coming from, thus allowing me to get over the episodes much quicker. And as soon as my agent gets off of my behind and I get this book done, which Dr. Brooke calls “My confessions” I look forward to returning to treatment. I want to thank you for being a very good doctor—and a pretty cool dude.


  34. Dear Dr. Scopelliti,

    I want to thank you for everything. I have a chronic imbalance condition for over 13 years and with your treatments I feel so much better . I still have a lot of work to do but I know that I am finally on the road to recovery thanks to your guidance and expertise. I did not want to see another doctor ever again because I had gone to so many (at least 7) and they did not listen to me or care about how I was feeling. My husband read about you in the local paper and convinced me to call. I am so glad that I did! You make me feel comfortable and I am so impressed by your knowledge and understanding of this kind of syndrome. Also your website is so informative and impressive. I also want to thank your staff, Janet and Debbie for being so kind and thoughtful and understanding of my condition. WOW!!! Due to my progress, I have referred several family members and friends that could benefit from your expertise. For those who are reading this…I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Scopelliti !!!!! He is amazing!!!!

  35. Hi Dr. Scopelliti!

    I first want to tell you that I have not had vertigo in over a week and a half. So far, that has been the longest time without a bout in months; thank you!!!


  36. Hi Dr. Scopelliti,

    Thank you for such quick followup. I haven’t heard anyone say they ever received an email from their doctor!! This is pretty cool of you..

    Thanks again, Kathleen

  37. “I am so happy to have my life back. Living with vertigo was a very unpleasant time for me. After going to the Er, 2 visits to my regular physician and an ENT, it seemed no one had a cure. On my fifth week with vertigo, I did my research online to find Dr. Scopelliti. I was scheduled for an appointment quickly and was given an easy and thorough diagnosis. Dr. Scopelliti thouroughly diagnosed me with BPPV whereas all the previous doctors said it was a virus that would go away in only couple days. After one treatment, I was completely cured! Anyone with vertigo does not need to live with it. Five weeks was enough for me. I have been doing just wonderful! Dr. Scopellitti. you are an expert in your field. Thank you very much!”

  38. Dear Scopelliti,

    I wish to send my sincere gratitude for relieving my symptoms of vertigo and for the help you are giving me to improve my balance. It was a great change from the ” you just have to live with it ” response from conventional physicians to a ” we can solve this problem ” answer I received from you. Thank you again for improving my quality of life!

    Kind regards,

    Ron Ryder

  39. I want to thank you for taking so much time with me. You had cancellations and instead of taking the time for yourself, you admitted you had cancellations and chose to spend the time with me. I don’t know of any other doctor that would do that. A two and a half hour visit is unheard of in a doctor’s office!

    I also thank Janet for letting me cry on her shoulder. Debs kind heart as I call to make an appointment shines through and her empathetic ear let me know I was going to be taken care of. Even hearing little words of encouragement from the staff is so helpful ~ Thank you girls.

    Obviously doctor, you are well admired and respected by many of your patients, but I know by the medical professional as well. My chiropractor in Southern Maryland at home would not have suggested I drive 4 hours to see you if it weren’t so.

    It was well worth the trip and I’ll do it again in a heart beat if I need to. In fact, my husband and I felt so confident in your diagnostic technique with my vestibular problem and dizziness that we plan to bring our daughter to see you regarding her learning disabilities. In the whole scheme of life, when you’re talking about health, function of life, and quality of life, four hours is nothing.

    I just began rehab at home per your instructions and need to take micro breaks just to write this, but I have a new found hope that I will be able to write and read during longer intervals. My new groovy glasses are worn continuously. I have already gotten doubt from my piers and friends, but they just don’t understand and I don’t expect them to. I know that if they met you they would and maybe have an idea I’ve my daily struggles.

    Some day I will be able to ride my bike again, get my heart rate up again, and maybe even swim and race again. In the mean time, I thank you for working with me via e-mail, since I am 4 hours away, and to monitor my progress and guide me through this journey of vestibular rehab.

    I also appreciate you working with my chiropractor down here who is going through the chiropractic neurology courses in order to help me better. We are both blessed to learn from and be helped by the best. You truly are being heavily used by God and are an extension, or what I call a vessel, of His Grace.


    Meg McNeely

  40. I heard Heidi is amazed at you! I knew she would be. I have never sent anyone who has not been as happy as I was. You do an amazing job I am so honored I know you!

    Brightest BLessings at the time of Yule and beyond.

    I am always your friend and will be around if there is ever anything I can do , do not hesitate to call upon me.

  41. Several years ago, I started experiencing occasional dizzy spells that lasted for a few seconds. Over time; however, the events progressed in length and became more frequent. I still didn’t think much of it until I experienced a significant dizzy spell while walking up the street in New York City in June 2006. The event was so significant that I ended up in the hospital. Over the next few days and weeks, I had all the tests for everything from heart attack, stroke, reduced blood flow to the brain, blood work for a myriad of possible deficiencies ranging from diabetes to thyroid and so on. Nothing of concern was discovered, yet I continued to suffer from this condition.

    Eventually, I decided to change ear, nose and throat doctors to get a second opinion. I was desperate. After a number of unsuccessful visits, my new doctor recommended Dr. Aldo Scopelliti.

    I met with Dr. Scopelliti, went through a series of tests and received a diagnosis. He said he could help me, and help me he did! Within a few weeks, I returned to a completely normal functioning state. When no one else could even offer hope, Dr. Scopelliti gave me my life back.

    Dr. Scopelliti is one of the few people I trust completely. He has always acted in my best interests since the day we met. You cannot ask for more than that in a doctor. If you are suffering from dizziness or vertigo, I urge you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scopelliti. You will be very happy you did.”

    Very truly yours,


    “I just got home and took a bath and for the first time in over a year I was able to relax while I was lying there, thanks to you, Dr. Scopelliti. As you said to me today after I apologized for not jumping up and down upon you telling me I think we got it this time it will take some time to be convinced that I can have my normal life back. I keep catching myself acting as if I am fearful of doing something that would normally induce an episode that could last on and off for weeks. I was able to bend down and tickle my son’s belly and it felt amazing to enjoy it instead of having an anxiety attack. If I had a million dollars I would give it to you and ask you to spend a few weeks traveling the country helping others who are NOT being helped. I will keep up with coming in to see you, even if it comes back or not. You are a wonderful doctor and you not only treat the person and the problem, but make your patients believe in the idea that things will get better. I still have some anxiety and hopefully time will make that better. There is so much I want to do and so much that this problem has kept me from enjoying. I miss being me, being free and relaxed and able to enjoy life. I meant what I said when I told you that I was going to write to all my doctors and Oprah and anyone else that I think might benefit from knowing what you do and more importantly who you are. My family and I thank you for all you do and in knowing the struggle that is managed care and you do what you do despite all of that because you believe in what you can do for others.”

    Thank you. Michelle Julian and Brandon Bermudez.

  43. “The doctor could not help me, but he was honest enough to tell me so–not wasting his time or mine!”

  44. “The people of this practice are wonderful. I am grateful beyond words for the care and compassion and concern I receive each time I talk with someone from Dr. Scopelliti’s practice.”
    Very truly yours,
    J F

  45. “A+ all the way. Dr. S needs to expand his services to the West Coast as well.”

  46. “Wonderful staff and a excellent doc. I have recommended this office to many of my good friends.”

  47. “He is the best doctor that I have ever been to in my life. I do not know where I would be today if it was not for him.”

  48. “Wonderful and knowledgeable man! Great staff. Still reaping the benefits….”

  49. “The doctor explained and resolved the problem in much more efficiently way than any other doctor/chiropractor that I’ve ever seen.”

  50. “My husband is a former patient who was exceptional pleased with the treatment he received in your office. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and we are learning to cope. Your help in the past was excellent.”

    The Black’s

  51. “I felt at ease as soon as you started talking. The most informative and compassionate Dr’s I have ever spent time with. Thank you!”

  52. “Very satisfied with the treatment and ongoing exercises. We see significant improvement in patient balance and would recommend doctor to anyone suffering from balance and dizziness conditions.”

  53. “What can I say but , EXCELLENT!!!!”

  54. “After only 4 appointments, the change is remarkable. I was suffering from unsteadiness, dizziness, and chronic neck and back aches. Previous doctors said the diagnosis was “benign positional vertigo,” for which they said there really is no cure. After I read Dr. Scopelliti’s newspaper article I made an appointment and visited his website. His methods are unlike those of any other doctor I have seen. As a professional engineer I am accustomed to analyzing problems and solutions, and need to know why things work. I did not hide my scepticism, and questioned the doctor on his methods. He does not get offended when I challenge him. In fact, he spends more time with me than any other doctor I have seen, explaining the science behind his methods and why they work. The jury is still out, but so far, so good! My balance is much, much better, and the pain is virtually gone. It has been 3 years since I felt this good.”

  55. “Dr. Scopelliti is a wonderful man. My 30 year wife came to him for treatment of severe headaches that she has had ever since we were married 10 years ago. And imazingly, in just two visits he cured my wife of her chronic migraines. It has restored our marriage and allowed us to resume a full, healthy married life together. I cannot thanks you enough Dr. Scopelliti for bringing my wife Bunny back to me.”

  56. “I am privilaged to be able to comment on my care I have been given by Dr. Scopelliti and his staff. For no apparent reason at age 26, I awoke one day to my first episode of Vertigo. I had never been more scared in my life. From them on I developed dizziness and unstableness and ended up countless times in the ER and how many copays I spent at my general practioners office was probably enough to make a buy a plasma T.V. I refused to lay down completely for fear of another attack so for almost 6-9 months I slept in a recliner (even through Dr. S care) Living in Central Jersey, I get a weekly paper called “The Suburban” and my mom noticed a article from Dr. S on his treatment of Vertigo and such… I had no idea if they took my Insurance but called anyway to schedule my “free consultation” and within a week I was driving 40 minutes to meet him. Not only is he handsome, he is one of the most passionate, caring, hands-on, professional and most of all the “I don’t care what Insurance says I am here to help you attitude”… Not only did he take my insurance but he actually helped me. I continued to see him for over a yr until my Insurance dropped from his practice and still continued to pay out of pocket and make that 40 minute drive. Debbie, his office manager would get my phone calls on the machine in the middle of the night when i was having a episode and first thing the next morning was getting me in before work. I can’t speak highly enough!!!! I moved out of state recently to the West Coast and am still plotting a way to kidnap Dr. S and bring him to Utah so we can continue treatment… LOL… I like to joke with him on that. He is so down to earth as is Debbie and his wife and I feel I know them on not just a patient level but a human caring level as well. You don’t get Dr’s that care anymore and take time to diagnose you, and treat your problem. Not only did he treat me but he helped me on different issues with diet and sugar problems I was having. He truly cares. I wish there were more Dr’s like that now a days and I am only 28. I am now having problems with both my ears and have a hole in one eardrum… I am going deaf it seems and have to see specialists and such with no Ins… I can only hope there are Dr’s here who are as compassionate and knowledgable as Dr. S. It was a miracle to meet him and have him help me and I am truly blessed for having known him. I am telling the truth and will vouch for this office any chance I get. To prove I am real. My email is onlyhope34@optonline.net You will only be doing yourself and loved ones a favor by meeting with him. I guarantee it! Sincerley, Jamie Noorda (formely of Parlin, NJ) Sandy, Utah ps. Dr. S will be happy to know I am back in a bed again. Mind over matter… I still have dizzeness but the techniques Dr. S gave me help alot and he even gave me a number of dr’s to help me out on the west coast…. now what kind of Dr. Does that? Only one who truly cares!!!”

  57. “Dear Dr. Scopelliti, What can I say, you have been a gift to my family and me. I have suffered with bouts of vertigo and dizziness for about 10 years. I have seen ENT’s, neurologists who specialize in dizziness, and had many various tests run. All were inconclusive, and no one was able to diagnose or resolve my symptoms. Only you have been able to help me articulate my symptoms clearly so we could drill down to what was really going on. You’ve take so much time studying what you saw, and listening to me when my symptoms couldn’t be seen. You squeezed me in to your schedule when necessary so you could see me when I was actually experiencing symptoms. How different from the typical five minute appointments I was conditioned to expect from other specialists. While on a summer vacation I had something “strange” going on and I knew I had to call you. I was panicked that vertigo was going to ruin my vacation. After returning my call, within minutes, you settled me down and told me exactly what to do. I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation with my family. At one of my first appointments with you, you said to me, “just because this is benign doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your quality of life.” How true! No words will ever be able to express my gratitude. How can you thank someone for helping you regain your quality of life? I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Thank you for your compassion. The time you take with your patients combined with your profound knowledge is what makes you unique. You have been a blessing to me and my family. Thank you will never be enough.”

    Sincerely, Andrea Mosquera.

  58. Dear Dr. Scopelliti,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the work that you do. I can’t believe that after over ten years of suffering from what was diagnosed as vertigo from two previous doctors years ago; you’ve been able to work towards treating successfully in just a couple of office visits.

    As you know, I have been told to take meclizine and niacin over the past several years and also that the vertigo should go away in time. Well ten years is a long time and I only wish that I had known about you sooner. I really appreciate the fact that you take the time to listen so closely and explain things about vertigo that other doctors have not done, and then work with your patient to treat the symptoms, and not just cover them up with medications. The office exam you had performed was much more detailed than anyone had done in the past, but proved to be well worth it. The physical therapy and exercises you’ve suggested, after only a week showed a big difference in how I felt. I also haven’t taken any meclizine since my first office visit and feel much better than I have in years.

    If I ever have an opportunity to recommend you I definitely will. I am very grateful for your work, knowledge, kindness and understanding. I can only hope that anyone else suffering from any symptoms of vertigo find out about you a lot sooner than I had and take advantage of your treatment. I know that they will be just as grateful and hold you in the same high regard as I.



  59. Dear Dr. Scopelliti,

    A month ago my wife saw an ad in the paper about vertigo and we came to you, well that was the best thing we did.

    My wife had three strokes and has had dizziness for over twenty years, headaches very bad for two years.

    My wife’s memory isn’t what it used to be, and at age 65 I saw my wife going downhill. Walked with a cane for two years and after two visits my wife walks without a cane.

    Her dizziness and headaches and also her movements are 90% better.

    If all this happened with only two visits I know as we keep coming to you she will get better and better.

    20 years on medicine and it never helped her, and also, all the doctors.

    We are very grateful to you and may god bless you.

    Mr. & Mrs. R. C.

    P.S. See you next week.

  60. I had a 32-year history of daily headaches after falling and hitting my head as a child. I couldn’t even believe my first full week without a headache after only six visits with Dr. Scopelliti!



  61. Dr. Scopelliti gave me the most thorough examination of my entire life. That is probably why he didn’t just tell me that my problem was in my head, which is what I was used to hearing!

  62. I could tell that Dr. Scopelliti was concerned from day one. In fact, upon returning to my office, I had a discussion with a coworker who insisted that his doctor was better than mine. As it turned out, he was also a patient of and referring to Dr. Scopelliti!

  63. After a car accident, tremors began that prevented me from doing most any activity for years. Thank god someone referred me to Dr. Scopelliti, who was able to diagnose and treat the problem. Now I enjoy a normal lifestyle just as before the accident.

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