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Dr. Scopelliti is a Functional Neurologist in Monmouth County NJ.

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  1. Today was my initial consultation with Dr.S. I want to thank the staff for their courteous care and Dr. S’ patience with my hx and symptoms. It has been an endeavor the past months to locate a specialist who actually takes the symptoms of the patient more seriously than simply writing out an rx for Antivert. I had advised Dr. S., even if he was located in Philadelphia I would have scheduled an appointment to meet with him based on the thorough and empathetic web site presenting his practice and beliefs. My next appointment for testing is tomorrow and the day after as he and his staff were aware I would be going out of state shortly.
    I look forward to continuing this plan of care and hopefully, experience relief from Vertigo and additional symptoms. In closing, I urge anyone who is reluctant, to give Dr. S.’ practice a call for consultation.

  2. Dr. Scopelliti,
    Would it be beneficial to have a consultation even if I am not currently experiencing vertigo? I had an acute episode 6 years ago and again last month. Both times experiencing spinning, nausea & vomiting and went to an ER. Last month I was sent home with Meclizine, Ondansetron HCL & Lorazepam. I am feeling better but concerned about future occurrences. I’ve also suffered from motion sickness my entire life (44 yrs).
    I’d appreciate any input. I do live in NJ.
    Thank you for your time,

    • Yes, it would be most beneficial. We may be able to pick something up diagnostic for your episodic vertigo which will allow us to treat it. Also, we can effectively test your balance and stability as well as your ocular motor system in general, detect and correct any abnormalities which may have been brought on as a result of your having repeat attacks of vertigo. Most individuals who have vertigo will suffer secondary effects of these systems. You may also email me privately at


      Dr. S.

  3. Leslie GethardAugust 21, 2012 @ 9:25 amReply

    Dear Dr. Scopelliti,
    Thank you so much for all your help with my vertigo! After suffering severely for 2 months and visiting several doctors/therapists in the area with no relief, the daily eye and balance exercises you prescribed have me back to normal. I am now able to enjoy gardening again and look forward to my trip to Europe in September. Sincerely,
    Les Gethard

  4. Maria BragaMay 27, 2012 @ 9:30 amReply

    Dr. Scopelliti,

    Thank you for your advice.

    I live in Orlando.

    I suffer from dizziness and sometimes I have some rotary symptoms.

    Two months ago I had flu. After that my dizziness was more sharp and symptomatic.
    Now, come and go sometimes short periods and other longer.

    My dizziness feels like lost my balance and I cannot walk well, my head unstable, and I have digestive problems.

    Two weeks ago I changed my diet, and my digestive is better and my dizziness too, but I don’t feel ok.

    The Dr. indicated that the origin of my dizziness could be an ear infection.

    I would love a consultation with you but it is far from my home.

    Thank for your time, and happy Memorial Day to you.


  5. Dr. Scopelliti,

    I have had dizziness for more than 10 years,but now I have imbalance too.
    I visited a Dr. they test: audiology, VEMP, VNG.
    Results: audiogram and VEMP normal.
    VNG: gaze normal,oculamotor normal, halpike normal,positionals slight geotropic mystagmus, calorics bilateral hipersensibilidad and VORTEQ hight horizontal gain.
    The Dr. give me a prescription Promethazine 25 mg, 1 tablet per day.for three months. I have been in treatment for 1 month, but I don’t feel ok.
    I need your advice, I hope hear your recommendation soon.

    Maria Braga.

    • Good morning Maria and happy Memorial Day weekend to you.

      Where do you live?

      Do you suffer from dizziness or vertigo, (the later having rotary symptoms)?

      Are you always symptomatic, or does it come and go? If the later, is it brief or long duration?

      Perhaps you would consider coming to see me. The only time prescription drugs help vertigo is if you have an inner ear infection and are on antibiotics or if you have Menieres syndrome and are chasing symptoms only.


  6. Hi Dr. S,
    My vertigo is starting to come back slowly. I started the drop down (fall down) exercises you showed me hoping for the best. I know Memorial day weekend is upon us and I wont make it in until next week, is there anything else I can do to slow it down till I see you?
    thanks Bunches,

  7. Christine RaymondMarch 14, 2012 @ 11:52 amReply

    Hi Dr. Scopelliti,
    I was a patient of your a couple years ago. You diagnosed an issue with sympothetic nervous system, particularly the left side & loss of neurons due to illness or injury. You gave me eye exercises to do which has been great. My question is, does any illness or injury do additional damage every time I get sick or injured? I seem to be having trouble again and have been sick a lot this winter.
    Christine Raymond

    • Hi Christine, good to hear from you, and sorry you are not quite as well as you were a while back. Your question unfortunately is very general. Anything can essentially happen. The question is what is happening. If you wouldn’t mind giving me some more details.

      If you like, you can email me directly at

      Dr. S.

  8. Christine CzyrycaMarch 8, 2012 @ 9:07 pmReply

    Dr. S,
    Do you provide nutritional therapy along with what you do? Do you give supplements while going through the Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy?
    what about Myofacial Therapy for Spasmodic Tortilicollis? Do you or would you recommend that?

    • Good morning Christine. With regards to nutritional supplementation, we do provide such counciling as appropriate. I do not routinely supply you with supplements, any recommendations which I may make would be for products which you could easily find on your own. Although myofacial therapy will briefly reduce pain and spasm associated with torticollis, it is not lasting and often worsens the condition. As such, I only recommend it as a supportive therapy to reduce pain while more curative therapies are performed.

      Hope this helps.



  9. kathleen HubbardFebruary 7, 2012 @ 10:30 amReply

    Dear DR Scopelliti,

    i have had a 5 yr nightmare of living with a muscle disorder that was first diagnosed as dystonia and received botox shots which did not help, after a 21/2 wait for disability and medical coverage went to a neurologist who said it wasnt dystonia but tremors but closer to dystonia than tremors. he has prescribed clonazepam which is minimally helping me but i suffer from pain every day. i cant sleep..i am tired and ready to just give up on anyone truly helping me. do you think that you can?


    kathi in brick NJ

  10. Im just an average small town Kentucky guy 26 had action myclonus almost three yrs. had an anoxic brain injurury in a car wreck I think ill be heading up too NJ. Ive been in therapy a long time just want my life back , found u on by typing myclonus in was amazing

    • Thanks for taking the time to view the post and for replying. I think a lot of people see those videos and think that the patients are faking the movements. If you suffer from myoclonus you know they were real. Both of the young ladies in the videos on my site suffered a great deal with all the wrong therapies before treating with me.

      Thanks again and hope to see you one day.

      Dr. S.

  11. Christine CzyrycaMay 24, 2011 @ 1:53 pmReply

    Dr. S,
    I have cervical dystonia. After 6 1/2 yrs. I think I may have finally found the doctor I’ve been looking for but I doubt that I could ever afford you; however after I receive more information from your office I will do my best to make this a reality.

    Christine from NH

  12. kevin carielloJanuary 16, 2011 @ 7:00 pmReply

    dear dr. scopelliti
    thank you for sending it again we were able to link to it with my computer friend. kevin now can do the excercise and it’s has helped him alot since then. we probably need to make an appointment to re-examine him having new issuse. thanks doc hope to see you soon.

    Kevin Cariello

  13. Benny, please contact Debbie at our office on Monday regarding a consultation: (732) 229-5250.


    Dr. S.

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