What has become of our culture?  TV is now inundated with drug commercials advocating drugs to treat just about everything, and during the part where they are required to list the side effects, a pretty young girl is in the background throwing rose pedals, with pleasant music playing, which apparently makes the drugs less dangerous.  Have we all gone mad?  When exactly did taking drugs to curb symptoms  become mainstream medicine, and actually treating the disorder becoming alternative?  I have been running an extremely successful balance center for years, and during this time I can count on one hand the number of patients I have seen who have not been ill-treated with drugs prior to seeing me, (unsuccessfully).  The medical profession at large has been ill-guided in the management of these disorders, prescribing drugs such as meclizine/Antivert, which not only do not treat the disorder, but actually cause dizziness and imbalance/dysequilibrium as a less than pleasant side affect.  This is particularly crazy as the vast majority of these conditions are quickly resolved if treated appropriately by able hands. You would have to agree that it is most illogical to use treatments destined to fail before using those with high probabilities for success.