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Well, I suppose that I must apologize for my most unexpected hiatus as I now have many readers anxious to read my weekly column on various health issues.


Well, I suppose that I must apologize for my most unexpected hiatus as I now have many readers anxious to read my weekly column on various health issues. As ironic as it may be, as I run a rather successful balance center, the reason for my hiatus was from a fall. I had broken my ankle tearing all of the connecting ligaments in an accidental fall, which occurred while I was watering plants in my family room. I had apparently spilled some of the water on the floor, which I later slipped on causing the injuries. So in addition to my apologies for missing several weeks of writing to you, why do I bring this up? Simple. The lesson to be learned here is how quickly accidents can happen. Now in my case, I practice what I preach and check myself regularly for fall risk, something that takes less than a minute with the computerized equipment we use in my laboratory. However, many more people will incur injuries such as mine, which will be more than purely accidental, attributable to an untreated balance problem, making accidents like mine somewhat inevitable. This concerns me greatly having gone through this, as it is certainly no fun being incapacitated and completely reliant on others for a length of time. And the lower the level of health you are in, or the more complicating factors you have, such as diabetes, the longer that period of time will be. To complicate matters even further, many people with disturbed balance, think that they are normal because they have no way to determine otherwise without being tested. In light of this endemic disabling problem, we screen as many individuals as we can get though our doors, for free, each day. For those who pass the simple 30-second test, you are assured that your balance is as good as it should be. For those who do not do so well, we can make treatment recommendations so that in short time, your balance will be as good as it should be and thus minimizing risk of fall and the incapacitating disability associated with falling. Many more falls occur from disorders like vertigo and dizziness, things that are easily treated in my office. If you have vertigo, dizziness, or an increased risk of fall from poor balance, you don’t need a wet floor to assist you in losing your balance and falling and injuring yourself, it will happen much easier without assistance. Anyone who wishes to be screened can do so by calling our office and scheduling a screening. There are absolutely no strings. You pass, you go home with a congratulatory handshake. For those who would like more information, our website has a myriad of information on dizziness and balance problems. We even offer a free consultation questionnaire that you can submit for consideration to determine the nature of your particular problem should you have one. I would like to thank my many readers for your support and I again apologize for my unexpected absence. I hope to see many of you in my office for screenings.