The topic of headaches is vast as there are many causes as well as types of headaches, causing most doctors to shudder at the mere presentation of a headache patient.  Nonetheless, there remains hope for many with proper diagnosis and treatment.  Lets start by discussing the most common and least harmful type, stress headache.  This is often associated with tightness, which is band like around the head and often into the neck. These are often alleviated with stress reduction and increase in exercise.  The more chronic type would be best managed with treatment.  Headaches that have a throbbing component are typically migrainous headaches.  Migraine sufferers typically know when they are getting a headache as they get an aura, (seeing wavy lines, stars, etc.) just prior to the headache.  As this is a serious medical condition, individuals with these types of headaches should always seek care. Many will respond favorably to non-drug treatments.  Those who do not would be candidates for drug therapies.  Similarly, individuals often have headaches associated with high blood pressure.  You should have your blood pressure checked routinely when visiting a doctor of any type.  If you do not frequent your doctor, most shopping centers now have free pressure monitors that you can use.  Units for purchase are also readily available and inexpensive, especially in consideration of the preponderance of high blood pressure and the costs of managing it compared to prevention.  HBP will typically respond well to weight loss and exercise, however, if you already have HBP, you should work with a doctor regarding an appropriate exercise regimen as overexertion with HBP can be equally as dangerous.  Many individuals with severe headaches assume inappropriately that their headache must be the result of a tumor, although in realty, the vast majority of severe headaches are not related to tumors, which will rarely cause headache pain if at all.  Although there are many other types of headaches, these are the most common.  Our office has a very high success rate treating these types of headaches without necessitating the use of drug therapies. There is also much more detailed information on headaches available on my website which is listed below.