Dizziness Services Offered In Eatontown, NJ

Dizziness can stem from causes as varied as medication side effects and neurological disorders. Contact Dr. A. R. Scopelliti at Monmouth Functional Neurology Center in Eatontown, New Jersey, if you suffer from frequent dizzy spells. Dr. Scopelliti specializes in diagnosing and treating symptoms like dizziness and vertigo even when other doctors can’t help. Call Monmouth Functional Neurology Center today or schedule a consultation online to benefit from Dr. Scopelliti’s expertise in dizziness.

Dizziness Q & A

What is dizziness?

Dizziness is the feeling of lightheadedness you often get when you have congestion from a cold or allergy. It can make you feel like you’re going to pass out and may also cause nausea and vomiting.

Dizziness is often confused with vertigo and disequilibrium. Vertigo causes a spinning sensation as though the room is moving around you. Disequilibrium, or imbalance, doesn’t cause this spinning feeling but an unsteady gait and sense of balance loss. These symptoms can occur separately or in combination.

What causes dizziness?

A leading cause of dizziness is medication side effects. Even the leading drug used to treat dizziness and vertigo (meclizine) can cause dizziness. Dizziness is also a symptom of many neurological disorders. Conditions where dizziness is common include:

  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • Vestibular neuritis/neuronitis
  • Perilymph fistula
  • Ménière’s disease
  • Vasovagal syndrome or presyncope (almost fainting)
  • Panic and anxiety disorders

Dizziness can also be a complication of aging.

How is dizziness diagnosed?

Dr. Scopelliti performs a thorough exam at your initial consultation, including taking a complete history. He checks your vital signs and assesses multiple other health indicators, including your:

  • Cardiac function
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Reflexes
  • Sensation
  • Muscle strength and tone
  • Coordination
  • Gait and stance

During this phase of your visit, Dr. Scopelliti aims to identify any neurological causes for your dizziness. A neurological examination is comprehensive, with more complicated cases potentially using cutting-edge, non-invasive medical equipment.

Diagnostic tools Dr. Scopelliti might use include video nystagmography (VNG) infrared photography, comprehensive assessment of postural systems (CAPS®), dynamic posturography, saccadometry, modified tilt table testing, Buffalo concussion treadmill testing, and pulse oximetry.

He reviews your results to determine if your dizziness originates in your vestibular (balance) system, central nervous system, or elsewhere. When Dr. Scopelliti is confident in your diagnosis, he creates a personalized treatment plan for you.

How is dizziness treated?

Functional neurologic rehabilitation, which Dr. Scopelliti specializes in, is simple, but highly focused exercises, like vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Dr. Scopelliti shows you how to perform these exercises so you can do them at home, saving the expense of repeated office visits. 

Dr. Scopelliti tests you with CAPS several times during your treatment to measure and document your progress. Most patients’ CAPS scores are higher after a single treatment, and many experience a dramatic improvement in their dizziness.


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