Why Choose Dr. Scopelliti


Dr. Scopelliti, Medical Director for Jersey Shore Regional Center for Vertigo, Dizziness, Dystonia and ADD/ADHD


Why Choose Dr. Scopelliti?

 We have all been there. You get your insurance referral to see a specialist, after jumping through a myriad of hoops as per your managed care HMO, you wait several weeks, and you finally get to see the doctor, and three minutes later, it is all over. What happened to my exam? What about all of those questions I had to ask? Is anyone going to do anything to help me?

Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration. Many of the patients we see daily come to us flustered with the healthcare system, which is badly broken and in dire need of fixing. Personally, I am not so sure who has it worse, the millions of individuals without insurance in this country, or, the millions who do, and find that they cannot see the doctor most able to help them because of managed care restrictions, or, must see the only doctor who will accept the managed care policy and is of an unknown level of competency. At least the former group is not mislead.

Well, in our office, we do not offer 3 minute exams. We spend on average one hour in examination and consultation with each patient on their initial visit. Dr. Scopelliti will actually spend time answering your questions and explaining what your diagnosis is, what it means, and how it needs to be fixed. Dr. Scopelliti spends the necessary time on each follow-up visit as well, reviewing your status, reassessing and making sure that the treatment is effective, and that you are in fact getting better. All prior diagnostic imaging, other specialists reports, hospital records and lab work are reviewed. We will not waste our time or yours if we cannot help you. We will not unnecessarily waste your time continuing care after you are better and we promote patient autonomy. We pride ourselves on the quality of care which we offer, and our reputation reflects this. As such, our office does not participate with insurance, as those who do, surrender their ability to make appropriate diagnostic, evaluation and management decisions that are congruent with our medical training, rather, these decisions are based upon the carriers restrictions. The reality is, insurance carriers place so many obstacles between you and your doctor that the focus of the visit is in fact removed from you the patient, and erroneously redirected toward the obstacles.

Choosing the right doctor can make all the difference with regards to proper treatment. Choosing a doctor simply because they participate in your network will not do you any good if the doctor is not adequately trained to treat your particular problem. Choosing a doctor should be based on that doctor’s ability to help you, and nothing else.

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 Dr. Scopelliti is a Functional Neurologist in Monmouth County NJ.