Fall Risk


Fall Risk Services Offered In Eatontown, NJ

Falls can cause significant injuries and death, yet in many cases, they’re preventable. To find out if you’re at risk of a fall, visit Dr. A. R. Scopelliti, at Monmouth Functional Neurology Center in Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Scopelliti provides comprehensive, highly accurate fall risk assessments and offers effective ways to reduce your risks. Call Monmouth Functional Neurology Center or complete the online booking form today to arrange your fall risk consultation.

Fall Risk Q & A

What puts me at risk of falls?

Falls are the primary cause of accidental death in adults over 65 and the most common cause of injuries in people of all ages. In many cases, falls are preventable — you just need to assess your risk factors and take action to reduce them where possible.

Many things can result in a fall, from tripping over an obstacle to losing your grip when climbing a ladder. In older age, deterioration in your body can cause worsening health and frailty, making you vulnerable to falls. Poor eyesight is also a risk factor for falls.

Dizziness and vertigo (feeling like the room is spinning around you) commonly lead to falls. Another significant problem that increases your fall risk is dysequilibrium, a sense of balance loss and/or feeling like you’re falling. 

You may feel as though something’s pulling your body to one side or experience a general disruption of your balance and gait (the way you walk). Dysequilibrium can make you feel unsteady, increasing your likelihood of falling.

 How is my fall risk assessed?

More than half of the seniors tested in the United States have a significant risk of falls, even though many show no signs of vulnerability. Dr. Scopelliti uses the gold standard, comprehensive assessment of postural systems (CAPS®) dynamic posturography balance screening technology to assess your risk of falls. Testing takes just 20 seconds. 

As falls are such a significant, often preventable problem, Dr. Scopelliti believes health care providers have a responsibility to assist in preventing them. As such, we screen all patients for fall risk. 

 How can I reduce my fall risk?

Reducing your fall risk usually involves several steps. One is to address any hazards you have at home, such as uneven flooring, slippery surfaces, trip hazards, and unsuitable footwear. Another is to address underlying health problems that make you weaker and less stable.

Dr. Scopelliti helps reduce your fall risk by assessing you for problems like vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium. He then uses specialized functional neurological rehabilitation techniques to treat you for these symptoms.

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