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Chiropractic Neurologist Gives Patients Another Option

“How do you thank someone who basically hands you back your life?” This is the question asked by Andres, who at a mere 20 years of age, suffered with ongoing vertigo... 

“How do you thank someone who basically hands you back your life?” This is the question asked by Andres, who at a mere 20 years of age, suffered with ongoing vertigo which no one could diagnose much less effectively treat, and who “saw more specialists than there should exist, and was prescribed more medications than you could shake a stick at”. These are the words of Andres, who’s world finally stood still for the first time in over two years after only a relatively short course of treatment with Dr. Scopelliti. Andres used the internet to find Dr. Scopelliti’s website, , and shortly thereafter became a patient. “It took me too long to find Dr. Scopelliti, but only a fraction of it to get 100% better”. Dr. Scopelliti is one of about 800 board certified chiropractic neurologists worldwide, and one of only six serving NJ, but the field is gaining momentum. According to the American Chiropractic Neurology Board the number of chiropractic neurologists has doubled in the last ten years. “We’re like the last resort-type thing for mystery illnesses,” says Dr. Scopelliti. “We tend to see all the patients who have either already given up hope, or are on the verge of giving up hope. They are frustrated from going from specialist to specialist with only more drug offerings as treatment. Many have been told to simply live with their illness. “Chiropractic neurology is really just functional neurology or neurologic rehabilitation; we find (oftentimes creative) ways to fix what’s not working in your brain, and we do it without the use of drugs or surgery, unless of course the use of those things is warranted”. A lot of people think this is the wave of the future, “The general public is tired of taking medication, and we want people to know there are other options out there.” With now over two thousand hours in specialized postdoctoral studies in neurology, much of it specific to dizziness and balance disorders, it is immediately apparent that Dr. Scopelliti is passionate about treating patients. Upon entering his office, one finds a wall of similar letters written by prior patients, thanking him for giving them their lives back. It is almost overwhelming. “We actually have many more letters on file than we could ever post. We tend to boast those given to us by the more difficult cases. We have enjoyed many successes, from patients with headaches, dystonia, vertigo and dizziness to others with odd conglomerations of neurologic symptoms of seemingly unknown origin. We are happy to state that our success is quite high. As such, we have enjoyed referral arrangements with many area physicians, however, there still remain those who are either unaware of our existence, or, unaware of the appropriateness of our treatments”.