Fall Prevention


Fall Prevention


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Falls Are The Leading Cause Of Accidental Death In Persons Over 65… And The Leading Cause Of Nonfatal Injuries In All Age Groups

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Imbalance and Falls

So, You Suffer From Dysequilibrium/Balance Loss


The large majority of our time is spent treating patients with vertigo, dizziness and dysequilibrium, i.e. balance loss. Most of these patients have failed conventional medical therapies, which are often actually made worse through the use of inappropriate drug therapies, and come to our office typically as a last resort before giving up all hope. Fortunately, the vast majority of these patients do report improvement within a few visits, with most achieving complete recovery within 10 visits. On average, our patients report seeing 6 medical specialists prior to visiting us. They typically have a roster of lab tests, such as MRI, which has proved less than fruitful for finding the cause of their dizziness. (Reference comments on our What Our Patients Have To Say” page).

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For those of you who would like to know more regarding various causes of dysequilibrium, read on…



Dysequilibrium is a sense of balance loss and/or a feeling of falling. It is often associated with a sensation as though the body is being pulled toward one side, or, generalized disruption of balance and gait. It is not accompanied with dizziness or spinning, although spinning and/or dizziness could be associated if there exists simultaneous vestibular dysfunction. In and of itself, there is no spinning or dizziness component associated with dysequilibrium. Unlike true vertigo, which is typically a vestibular dysfunction, dysequilibrium is typically non-vestibular and is a central nervous system dysfunction. Dysequilibrium can occur from disorders of other body systems as well. It is often part of the natural aging process, although oftentimes we find that elderly patients suffer from imbalance and are worse than they should be for their age. This can easily be improved with proper rehabilitation and fall prevention.

As Dysequilibrium can be caused by anything affecting the natural left to right balance of the brain, it is imperative that a proper examination be performed prior to the undertaking of any treatment. Most patients with dysequilibrium disorders are mistreated with drug therapy, only to find their condition worsening. Dysequilibrium/imbalance can only be properly treated thought rehabilitation, and this must be performed in accordance with the actual loss for beneficial results to occur.


Reference Accounts

Please reference actual testimonials from real patients on our What Our Patients Have To Say page. All content is authentic as posted by patients themselves.


Balance, Dizziness and Falls

Health care providers at large have an increasing responsibility in preventing falls, not only because of the neurological consequences, but also because community physicians appear to under detect falls, balance and gait disorders largely associated with dizziness and imbalance. While detected falls often receive inadequate evaluation, leading to a paucity of recommendations and treatments, the number of deaths, as well as non-fatal injuries associated with falls, (which occur largely from vertigo and dizziness), continues to rise. There are not enough trained clinicians to serve the needs of the public in regards to fall prevention and fall treatment. Neurologists from a Chiropractic medicine background, trained extensively in these areas of applications, are in great demand. Identification and targeting of these “high-risk” persons for falling is essential.


Because good balance is so essential to the quality of life, all our patients are routinely screened for signs of balance loss…

… with state of the art equipment and in less than one minute.


We Do Not Charge For This Screening… It Is Available Free As A Community Service

Why Do We Screen All Our Patients For Signs Of A Balance Problem? Because balance problems can be the first sign of such serious health problems as brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, traumatic head injuries and many others. Identifying persons with abnormal balance can be invaluable in the early detection of other serious medical conditions.

Because good balance is just as important to quality of life as the sense of touch, sight, hearing, taste or smell. Without it, persons of all ages cannot effectively do all the things that people with normal balance can do, such as working, driving, playing, participating in sports.

Because persons with balance problems are much more prone to falls and serious injuries. In fact, the National Safety Council says that falls are the #1 cause of non-fatal injuries and the #2 cause of accidental death in the U.S. in people of all ages (National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2003).

Because balance problems are the #1 cause of falls in older persons, leading to broken hips, concussions, other serious injuries, even death. Falls among the elderly are the #1 reason for emergency room visits and the #1 reason for admission to a nursing home.


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By The Time You Realize You Have A Balance Problem, It Is Already Gotten Severe.


Fall Risk Assessment

In cooperation with the the NJ Chiropractic Council on Neurology, and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Council on Neurology, our office has developed and implemented fall prevention testing protocols that underscore, as recent legislature does, the need to reduce falls, particularly in the elderly population.

The text of the Elder Fall Prevention Act notes a number of sobering statistics regarding the consequences of falls, including the fact that “Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among individuals older than age 65”. 25% of elderly individuals who sustain a hip fracture die within one year; and nearly 65,000 individuals older than age 65 sustain a traumatic brain injury annually as the result of a fall. And in a recent study evaluating disability in the elderly population, the results of which were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, “Hospital admissions for falls were most likely to lead to disability”.

Our office uses a balance screening technology that, according to the manufacturer, allows a clinician to predict the probability of a fall with a .002% false positive. (Meaning very accurate). The testing, which takes only seconds, provides those tested with a statistical report that they can clearly understand. According to nationwide testing results, more than 50% of seniors tested have significant risks of falling, despite showing no symptomatology whatsoever.

CAPS Posturography is designed to bring neurologists of chiropractic medicine background to the forefront of fall prevention testing and treatment protocols. Additionally, the neurology council has received countless requests for referrals to those trained in fall prevention. The council says it does not currently have enough adequately trained clinicians to meet the demand for referral and fall prevention management.

As our office serves a large area, we ask for your patience in scheduling a balance/fall risk assessment.

Dr. Scopelliti is a Functional Neurologist in Monmouth County NJ.