The following are answers to frequently asked questions.

Do you accept health insurance?

In order to provide you with the highest quality of care and the outcomes that you desire, we offer a self-pay model.We will bill your carrier for your and you will reimbursed as per the terms of your policy.


Why we cannot accept insurance:

The doctor spends a significant amount of time with you to ensure that you are getting the care that you need and are getting better. This includes an hour long comprehensive initial exam and minimally half hour each visit thereafter. Additionally, the doctor spends a significant amount of time following your visit reviewing all of your diagnostics such as blood work, other doctors reports and imaging studies.

Following your 1st visit, the doctor dictates a full medical report to be provided to your PCP and any other involved specialists.

When necessary, we will coordinate care between our office an other specialists. We will provide them with all necessary test results and reports as well. We will also order lab and imaging as deemed appropriate for you.

The doctor will provide you with all of the necessary apps for you to do your therapies at home, as well as the instructions to do this. This is included at no extra cost to you.

You will have the doctors email address to communicate with freely between visits to further coordinate care. This too is included at no extra cost to you.

As you no doubt already know, you will not receive any of these benefits with a traditional in network doctor who accepts insurance.

You care no doubt seeking care from our office because we have a five star rating on line. We have this because we adhere to principles and a strong patient centered philosophy which is contradictory tobeing forced to follow some insurance mandated flow sheet.


Isn’t a chiropractic neurologist going to treat me the same as a chiropractor would?

Quite simply put, no. We tend to use an array of diagnostic equipment not commonly found in non-specialists office. The ongoing training in neurology is so vast and encompassing that many rehabilitation techniques are utilized which are not taught in basic training to become a doctor.


Do I need to treat three times a week for a long time?

No. This is a myth perpetuated by others who have done this. Our patient visit average is under ten visits, with most achieving significant relief in less then five visits.


I’ve already been to a medical neurologist, and they couldn’t help me.

This is actually quite common. Most all of my patients have been to several specialists prior to treating with me with no resolve. This is because of the difference in treatment methods, and the diagnostic abilities of the examining doctor. Because you have not been successfully treated elsewhere has absolutely no bearing on your potential for success with us.


I called my insurance company and they said that I can get the same treatment from any chiropractor.

This is actually very common. An insurance companies prime directive is functioning as a “for profit” business. As such, they will try to save money wherever possible. By directing you to an in network provider, they save a lot of money as they typically do not pay that provider as well as the out of network provider. Further, when treating in network, your provider can only provide those services authorized by your insurance carrier. As such, your insurance company may direct you to treat with some in network provider and not disclose the fact that they are not comparably trained or postdoctoral fellowship specialty boarded.


My doctor said that I should not consider chiropractic treatment.

First off, no practitioner of any type should make this statement, as they are not trained in these applications. Having said that, if your doctor says something like this, you should consider his training. Is he current? Has he taken any medical coursework recently to stay current? Is his office and equipment current or outdated and shoddy? Has he done anything helpful for you regarding your problem otherwise? Practitioners that would make such a statement are likely not current in their medical training and are incompetent. Not only should this advise be disregarded, it should be taken as a clue that you should probably consider looking for a replacement with more current medical training.


Who certifies the doctors competency in neurology?

Board certification in neurology is recognized by NOAA/NOCA, the national assurance credentialing sources for all medical specialties. Fellowship in neurology is granted through the ACFN. Fellowship in vestibular rehabilitation is granted through the ABVR. Please reference our Certifications page for more information and a link to their websites.

Additional patient comments maintained by our EHR and the ability to schedule your own appointment can be found here.


Dr. Scopelliti is a Functional Neurologist in Monmouth County NJ.