After having completed specialty postdoctoral neurology course work a few years back in the treatment of children as well as adults with neurobehavioral disorders such as ADD, ADHD, autism, etc, I did not incorporate a plan to attract these types of patients into my office immediately.  Until recently, my office has largely focused in the management of patients with balance and movement disorder syndromes, such as vertigo, dizziness, dystonia, imbalance/fall risk, and patients with other brain injuries such as head traumas associated with accidents.  Recently however, in light of the endemic problems in school systems associated with children with ADD ADHD and other learning disabilities, we decided to incorporate patients with neurobehavioral disorders into our daily practice.  Since the inception of this program, we have taken in several patients with a diagnosis of ADD ADHD, most of whom have been children and most of whom had similar patterns exemplifying the disorder.  Our findings have been congruent with the findings of similar programs in other states in that we have met with a very high level of success.  These children no longer need to be medicated; their teachers have called us to see what we are doing as the children are notably improved, with demonstrable change in behavior and academia, etc.  As a result of our successes here, we are increasing the number of children that we accept into our program.  If you or someone you know is interested in our program, you can start by going to www.dcneuro.net/ADD.htm. From there, you can access a free informational report on the disorder, and also submit an electronic consultation form, which I personally will review.  If we feel you are a candidate for our program, we will let you know, (we will let you know either way).  Because we are currently limiting the number of children we accept into our program, even if we accept you, you may have to be placed on a waiting list, with which we appreciate your understanding.  Our office invests a great deal of time into this program and we spend 30 minutes to an hour with each patient.  As such, we must limit the number of participants.  If you prefer, you may contact my office directly at (723) 229-5250, and ask for Debbie.